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Whether they’re into thrilling crime fiction, contemporary literature, gardening, cooking or more – here are our picks for the best 2023 titles to gift to a loved one this Christmas.

Stone Yard Devotional | Charlotte Wood | $32.99 – A deeply moving novel about forgiveness, grief, and what it means to be ‘good’, from the award-winning author of The Natural Way of Things and The Weekend.

Held | Anne Michaels | $29.99 – The triumphant new novel from the author of the Orange Prize-winning Fugitive Pieces- a soaring and luminous story of chance and change.

Prima Facie | Suzie Miller | $34.99 – Drawn from the internationally acclaimed play, Prima Facie is a propulsive, raw look at the price victims pay for speaking out and the system that sets them up to fail. With breakneck prose and a devastating emotional intensity, this is a novel for our times, by one of Australia’s most important writers.

Edenglassie | Melissa Lucashenko | $32.99 – In this brilliant epic, Melissa Lucashenko torches Queensland’s colonial myths, while reimagining an Australian future.

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store | James McBride | $32.99 – The unforgettable novel about small town secrets from the National Book Award-winning, Oprah Book Club-picked, Barack Obama favourite, James McBride.

Prophet Song | Paul Lynch | $32.99 – WINNER OF THE 2023 BOOKER PRIZE. Exhilarating, terrifying, propulsive and confrontational, Prophet Song is a work of breathtaking originality and devastating insight, a novel that can be read as a parable of the present, the future and the past.

The Drowning | Bryan Brown | $32.99 – With Bryan Brown’s characteristic laconic storytelling – humorous, tough and suspenseful – the secrets of this seemingly idyllic town slowly come to the surface.

Resurrection Walk | Michael Connelly | $32.99 – Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller enlists the help of his half-brother, Harry Bosch, to prove the innocence of a woman convicted of killing her husband.

The Night House | Jo Nesbo | $32.99 – From the internationally best-selling author comes a twisted, multi-layered spin on the classic horror novel for fans of Stranger Things and IT.

The Secret Hours | Mick Herron | $32.99 – Spies and pen-pushers, politicians and PAs, high-flyers, time-servers and burn-outs . . . They all have jobs to do in the daylight. But what they do in the secret hours reveals who they really are.

Everyone on This Train is a Suspect | Benjamin Stevenson | $32.99 – Ernest Cunningham returns in a deliciously witty locked room (train) mystery. How can you find a killer when all the suspects know how to get away with murder?

Black River | Nilanjana Roy | $34.99 – It takes a village to kill a child.This shockingly powerful literary thriller is set in a brilliantly realised modern India simmering with tension and riven by growing religious intolerance.

Question 7 | Richard Flanagan | $35.00 – Beginning at a love hotel by Japan’s Inland Sea and ending by a river in Tasmania, Question 7 is about the choices we make about love and the chain reaction that follows.

Frank Moorhouse: Strange Paths | Matthew Lamb | $45.00 – This landmark study, from Moorhouse’s own publisher, the first in a projected two volumes, is the fascinating and comprehensive story of how one of Australia’s most original writers and pioneer of the discontinuous narrative came to be.

Lawrence of Arabia | Ranulph Fiennes | $36.99 – Despite people’s fascination, Lawrence has long remained unknowable, one of history’s most enigmatic explorers. But with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to venture into the unknown, this authoritative biography from explorer Ranulph Fiennes at last brings enthralling insight and clarity to this remarkable life.

Unfinished Woman | Robyn Davidson | $34.99 – An unforgettable memoir from the author of the sensational international bestseller, Tracks, the story of a mother and daughter, of love, loss and the pursuit of freedom.

My Name is Barbra | Barbra Streisand | $75.00 – The long-awaited memoir by the superstar of stage, screen, recordings, and television Barbra Streisand is by any account a living legend, a woman who in a career spanning six decades has excelled in every area of entertainment.

Great- Uncle Harry | Michael Palin | $36.99 – Michael Palin recreates the extraordinary life and tragic death of a First World War soldier – his great-uncle Harry.

Meatsmith | Andrew McConnell, Troy Wheeler | $60.00 – Celebrated Australian restaurateur Andrew McConnell (Gimlet, Cutler & Co) and world class butcher Troy Wheeler unite for Meatsmith: Home Cooking For Friends and Family, featuring more than 80 brilliant recipes to inspire long lunches, impressive dinners and sensational shared celebrations.

Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking | Danielle Alvarez | $49.99 – Danielle Alvarez’s thoughtful recipes, wisdom, and whimsy offer the foundations for a lifetime of joy and nourishment in the kitchen, at the table, and beyond.

Ester | Mat Lindsay | $55.00 – The essential book on modern Australian food from leading cook, thinker, and Ester founder Mat Lindsay.

Flavour | Sabrina Ghayour | $45.00 – The new collection of simple, delicious, crowd-pleasing recipes from the bestselling Middle-Eastern chef. Over 100 fabulously flavourful recipes with a Middle-Eastern twist.

The Dinner Party | Martin Benn, Vicki Wild | $66.00 – The Dinner Party is the ultimate guide to sophisticated home entertaining from fine dining chef Martin Benn, featuring nine expert menus for memorable feasts from relaxed gatherings to glamorous celebrations. 

How to Drink Australian | Jane Lopes, Jonathan Ross | $79.99 – The landscape of Australian wine is cracking with new energy and historic traditions that make it one of the most exciting wine-producing countries in the world right now. But the scholarship on Australian wine hasn’t always matched the output. How to Drink Australian corrects that. It takes readers on a journey around the country, state by state, region by region.

Vincent Namatjira | Vincent Namatjira | $90.00 – Vincent Namatjira is an astute observer of life, of power, of popular culture. To be in the presence of a Vincent Namatjira painting is like being on the edge of a portal into another world. From the first page of this monograph, Vincent takes us on a journey through his artwork, contextualising his iconic series on Indigenous soldiers, Indigenous leaders, power and the Royal Family, giving us an insight into his world view.

A Life in Garden Design | Paul Bangay | $79.99 – Paul Bangay is Australia’s most sought-after garden designer, with close to forty years’ experience. Known for his mastery of scale, balance, form and colour, Paul draws on his lifelong study of the natural and classical worlds to create gardens around the globe. This illustrated memoir explores the evolution of one of Australia’s finest design minds.

Reading the Rooms | Rachel Franks (Editor); Richard Neville (Editor)| $89.99 – The incredible painting collection of the State Library of New South Wales is documented for the first time. Reading the Rooms reveals this little-known — but rich and highly significant — collection. It delivers a fascinating and authoritative account of hundreds of paintings, and a compelling argument for their importance.

The Bird Art of William Cooper | Wendy Cooper | $64.99 – William T. Cooper is considered a master painter of birds. He painted them for many books, mainly bird monographs. He also created many individual paintings of various species that appealed to him, especially birds of paradise, cockatoos and hornbills.In this book, readers will encounter a variety of Australian birds, separated out by their broad habitat, as well as birds from Africa, India and Southeast Asia, New Guinea and the America.

The New Modernist House | Patricia Callan | $79.99 – The New Modernist House presents twenty-one mid-century homes respectfully restored and renewed for future generations to enjoy.

Ornament is Not a Crime | Rebecca Gross | $69.99 – The distinctive visual language, bright colours and unexpected materials of the 80s postmodernists are making a comeback. After decades of minimalism, mid-century modern and Scandinavian design, a new wave of architects and designers are experimenting with shape, scale and symbolic references to add expression and meaning to interior and furniture design.

Marr’s Guitars | Johnny Marr | $90.00 – Tracing Marr’s career from his teenage years to his recent work on the Bond soundtrack, Marr’s Guitars showcases the most significant of Marr’s superb collection of electric and acoustic guitars, revealing through them the evolution of his iconic sound and style of playing. 

Bob Dylan: Mixing up the Medicine | Mark Davidson (ed.), Parker Fishel (ed.) | $160.00 – This is the landmark magnum opus every Bob Dylan fan has been waiting for since the 60s: lavishly illustrated with hundreds of previously unseen photographs and spanning from Dylan’s childhood in Hibbing, Minnesota, to the Nobel Prize for Literature and beyond, this is a treasure trove that promises to be of vast interest to Bob Dylan musical fans as well as a broader cultural audience.

In the Groove | Gillian G. Gaar, Martin Popoff, Richie Unterberger, Matt Anniss | $59.99 – Celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first commercial LP with this authoritative, highly illustrated, and multi-faceted look at the history and culture of vinyl record collecting and turntables.

The Chemical Brothers | The Chemical Brothers | $69.99 – Paused in Cosmic Reflection is the definitive story of The Chemical Brothers. Told in the voices of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, with contributions from friends and collaborators, it is fully illustrated with 30 years of mind-bending visuals.

Love & Pain | Ben Gillies, Chris Joannou | $44.99 – This is the powerful, untold inside story of Silverchair, Australia’s most awarded musical act, told by two of its three members.

Time’s Echo- The Second World War, the Holocaust, and the Music of Remembrance | Jeremy Eichler | $49.99 – A stirring account of how music acts as a witness to history and a medium of cultural memory in the post-Holocaust world.

The Rest is History | Tom Holland & Dominic Sandbrook | $34.99 – From the chart-topping podcast The Rest is History, a whistle-stop tour through the past from Alexander the Great to Tolkein, the Wars of the Roses to Watergate. The nation’s favourite historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook take on the most curious moments in history, answering the questions we didn’t even think to ask-

Alexandria | Islam Issa | $49.99 – From its humble origins to dizzy heights and present-day strife, Alexandria tells the gripping story of a city that has shaped our modern world.

Unruly | David Mitchell | $36.99 – A seriously FUNNY, seriously CLEVER history of our early kings and queens by one of our favourite comedians and cultural commentators This will be the most refreshing, entertaining history of England you’ll have ever read.

The Race to the Future | Kassia St Clair | $34.99 – In this book bestselling author Kassia St Clair traces the fascinating stories of two interlocking races – setting the derring-do (and sometimes cheating) of one of the world’s first car races against the backdrop of a larger geopolitical and technological rush to the future, as the rivalry grows between countries and empires, building up to the cataclysmic event that changed everything – the First World War. The Race to the Future is the incredible true story of the quest against the odds that shaped the world we live in today.

Mythos | Stephen Fry | $80.00 – Mythos Illustrated captures these extraordinary myths for our modern age in stunning colour – in all their dazzling and deeply human relevance.

Emperor of Rome | Mary Beard | $65.00Emperor of Rome goes directly to the heart of Roman (and our own) fantasies about what it was to be Roman, offering an account of Roman history as it has never been presented before.

Killing for Country | David Marr | $39.99 – David Marr was shocked to discover forebears who served with the brutal Native Police in the bloodiest years on the frontier. Killing for Country is the result – a soul-searching Australian history.

This is a richly detailed saga of politics and power in the colonial world – of land seized, fortunes made and lost, and the violence let loose as squatters and their allies fought for possession of the country – a war still unresolved in today’s Australia.

Wild Love | Kiera Lindsey | $36.99 – Kiera Lindsey uncovers the life of the talented and exuberant colonial painter Adelaide Ironside, following in her footsteps from the shores of Sydney harbour to the leading artistic circles of Europe.

Retro Sydney | Nathan Mete | $55.00 – A collection of beautiful photographs of Australia’s first city that invites you to immerse yourself and revisit the cool, quirky, glamorous, exciting, menacing, and wonderful times of Retro Sydney.

Bennelong & Phillip | Kate Fullagar | $55.00 – The first dual biography of Bennelong and Governor Arthur Phillip, two pivotal figures in Australian history – the colonised and coloniser – and a bold and innovative new portrait of both. 

Right Story, Wrong Story | Tyson Yunkaporta | $35.00 – The award-winning author of Sand Talk returns with a formidably original yarn with Indigenous thought leaders from around the globe.

Her Sunburnt Country | Deborah Fitzgerald | $55.00 – The first definitive biography of Australian poet and writer Dorothea Mackellar, author of the celebrated poem ‘My Country.’ ‘I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains…’ Though many Australians know lines from Dorothea Mackellar’s classic poem ‘My Country’ by heart, very little has been written about the poet’s extraordinary life.

Frank Moorhouse: Strange Paths | Matthew Lamb | $45.00 – This landmark study, from Moorhouse’s own publisher, the first in a projected two volumes, is the fascinating and comprehensive story of how one of Australia’s most original writers and pioneer of the discontinuous narrative came to be.

A Kind of Confession | Alex Miller | $39.99 – A deeply personal, behind-the-scenes exploration of Alex Miller’s six-decade writing life.

Justice and Hope | Raimond Gaita | $65.00 – The collected writings of Raimond Gaita. For more than three decades the incomparable voice of Raimond Gaita has been summoning us to new conversations that deepen our understanding of what matters most to human life and awaken the sense of our common humanity.

A Memoir of My Former Self | Hilary Mantel | $34.99 – From her unique childhood to her all-consuming fascination with Thomas Cromwell that grew into the Wolf Hall Trilogy, A Memoir of My Former Self reveals the shape of Hilary Mantel’s life in her own dazzling words, ‘messages from people I used to be.’ Compelling, often very funny, always luminous, it is essential reading from one of our greatest writers.

Bright Shining | Julia Baird | $34.99 – From award-winning journalist Julia Baird, author of the acclaimed national bestseller Phosphorescence, comes Bright Shining, a luminously beautiful, deeply insightful and most timely exploration of that most mysterious but necessary of human qualities: grace.

Shakespeare – The Man Who Pays the Rent | Judi Dench | $36.99 – Internationally renowned actor Dame Judi Dench’s SHAKESPEARE: The Man Who Pays The Rent is a witty, insightful journey through the plays and tales of our beloved Shakespeare.

Chuck A U-EY | Tim Ross | $39.95 – Images of Australians and their cars

Balmain Peninsula 2024 Calendar | Jan Larsen | $49.99 – Jan Larsen is an artist living on the Balmain Peninsula in Sydney, Australia. Jan normally uses acrylic paints for a wide range of images but during COVID she completed many local sketches using pen and watercolour. A selection of these beautiful images are featured in a stunning new 2024 wall calendar available to purchase exclusively at Roaring Stories Balmain. 

Getting to Know The Birds in Your Neighbourhood | Darryl Jones | $34.99 – Getting to Know the Birds in Your Neighbourhood is the first complete beginners’ field guide to the birds you are most likely to see in the towns and cities of Australia. Much more than an identification tool, though, it opens the door to understanding the habits and behaviours of your suburb’s feathered locals.

The Best Australian Science Writing 2023 | Donna Lu | $32.99 – The annual collection — now in its thirteenth year — celebrating the finest voices in Australian science writing.

Dr Rip’s Essential Beach Book | Rob Brander | $34.99 – Informative and entertaining, this safety guide describes how beaches work from a scientific perspective. Written by a geomorphologist, this accessible handbook offers suggestions on which beaches to visit around the world as well as tips on how to avoid rip currents, treat jelly fish stings, and build sand castles.

Best Australian Political Cartoons | Russ Radcliffe | $35.00 – The year in politics as observed by Australia’s funniest and most perceptive political cartoonists.

The Littlest Penguin and the Phillip Island Penguin ParadeJedda Robaard | $24.99 – A charming story for young readers that follows a group of gorgeous little penguins out to sea and back to their beloved Phillip Island.

Snail | Minu Kim | $24.99 – A moving Korean picture book about a little boy left behind by his big brother on a bike ride, who makes friends with a snail and learns to go at his own pace.

If I was a Horse | Sophie Blackall | $24.99 – In her funniest book yet, two-time Caldecott Medalist Sophie Blackall captures the astonishing spectacle of a child imagining life as a horse. And with a book jacket adorned with glitter, this romp really sparkles!

Ultra Wild | Steve Mushin | $34.99 – Mind-bendingly original and full of intricate illustrations, Ultrawild is totally unique, containing over one hundred outrageously funny, scientifically plausible inventions for rewilding cities and saving the planet.

The Concrete Garden | Bob Graham | $27.99 – From master storyteller Bob Graham comes a charming, and gently post-pandemic story about finding optimism after a dark spell, and the nurturing power of community friendships in an urban setting. 

Madame Badobedah and the Old Bones | Sophie Dahl | $27.99 – A timeless story celebrating friendship, imagination and adventure, with exquisite illustrations, from a bestselling author.

The Case of the Fishy Detective (#2 Einstein the Penguin)| Iona Rangeley | $16.99 – An unforgettable friend returns in this warm and fantastically funny sequel to the bestselling debut Einstein the Penguin.

The Puppets of Spelhorst | Kate DiCamillo | $24.99 – From master storyteller Kate DiCamillo comes an original fairy tale, enchantingly illustrated, in which five puppets confront circumstances beyond their control with patience, cunning and high spirits.

Kimmi | Favel Parrett | $19.99 – This is Kimmi’s story, the story of how she became Queen of the Dingoes in a sanctuary that saves them from extinction. It is her mama’s story, too. But mostly it is a story that goes back thousands of years, and follows the long line of female dingoes they belong to. An inspiring true story of survival and courage from one of Australia’s best-loved writers.

The Impossible Secret of Lillian Velvet | Jaclyn Moriarty | $22.99 – A magical book in the rich and whimsical world of the Kingdoms and Empires about a girl, a threat and a pickle jar filled with gold coins by the internationally bestselling and multi-award-winning author of The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst.

A Guide to the Dragon World (Wings of Fire) | Tui T Sutherland | $34.99 – Dive into the world of wings of fire like never before. In this guide, all-new art and maps will be joined by exclusive stories and folklore from Tui Sutherland.

Impossible Creatures | Katherine Rundell | $18.99 – There’s a place where all the wildest stories began … From Katherine Rundell, winner of the Costa Children’s Book Award, the Blue Peter Book Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize comes the first novel in a landmark trilogy for 9+ fans of His Dark Materials.

Heartstopper | Alice Oseman | $22.99 – Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. An LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between

Scar Town | Tristan Bancks | $16.99 – A missing father. A drowned town. A buried secret. Three friends on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth.

Keeper of the Lost Cities | Shannon Messenger | $24.99 – The first book in the internationally bestselling Keepers of the Lost Cities series reimagined in stunning graphic novel format! Perfect for readers aged 9+ and fans of Harry Potter, Rick Riordan and Amari and the Night Brothers

Murtagh | Christopher Paolini | $32.99 – Master storyteller and internationally bestselling author Christopher Paolini returns to the World of Eragon in this stunning epic fantasy set a year after the events of the Inheritance Cycle.

Eleanor Jones is not a Murderer | Amy Doak | $19.99 – Karen McManus and Holly Jackson meets Fleur Ferris in this fast-paced YA murder mystery.

Stuck Up and Stupid | Angourie Rice and Kate Rice | $22.99 – A modern trans-Pacific twist on Pride and Prejudice, from an authentic team of debut authors who know their material, and deliver it heartwarmingly and hilariously.