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The Royal Oak Balmain - 36 College St
Balmain, NSW 2041 Australia
Thursday, August 11, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Katrina Marson in conversation with Bri Lee

‘Beautifully told and realistic … Marson’s compelling argument builds to the realisation that as long as our collective fear allows us to remain gatekeepers of knowledge, we remain complicit in denying our young people healthy and fulfilling sexual lives.’ – Dr Melissa Kang, aka ‘Dolly Doctor’

‘Necessary and fascinating … Marson shows us how talking about our personal relationships, boundaries, and sex, from a younger age than you’d think, can protect all our kids, and lead to better relationships and a much safer adolescence.’ – Daisy Turnbull

Over her decade working as a sexual offences prosecutor, Katrina Marson kept returning to the same question: what can be done to prevent the level of harm that she was witness to? In her new book, Legitimate Sexpectations, she exposes the fault lines in the justice system and society, and puts forward a powerful case for a necessary cultural shift built on early, open and honest conversation around sexual health and behaviour.

Join Marson on Thursday 11 August at the Royal Oak Hotel, where she will be in conversation on this urgent and sensitive topic with Bri Lee, award-winning author of Eggshell Skull.

Attendees are asked to arrive at 6.30pm or earlier for a 7pm start upstairs at The Royal Oak Balmain. Seating is unallocated – another reason to arrive early to secure an optimal spot. Why not make a full evening of it, too, by booking a meal at the Royal Oak before or after the event? One of Balmain’s oldest and best-known pubs, it serves a delicious range of food and beverages.

Legitimate Sexpectations will be available for purchase at the venue through Roaring Stories, with book signings from Marson following the discussion.

If you miss out on a ticket, you can still watch the event as it is livestreamed from the Roaring Stories Facebook page (accessible on the Home page and from the Live tab). A recording will also be available to view later as an upload on the Roaring Stories YouTube channel.