So you’ve glanced at the calendar and realised Christmas is not so much ‘around the corner’ as crouched startlingly close in festive ambush, like a glittery tiger of implacable, merry intent.

We understand completely. It’s been easy to lose sight of even the most gaudy events this year. Here, as part two to our stocking stuffers series, we give you a last-minute range of thoughtful to fun gift ideas for grown-ups and kids. We’re open all the way up until 5.30pm on Christmas Eve.

How to Be a Complete and Utter Blunt

‘Opinions are like arseholes – everybody has one.’

This is but one choice tweet of many released to the world by James Blunt, melancholy pop star and unlikely social media sensation. This is his handy pocketbook for anyone who wishes to find inspiration in the audacity of Blunt and perhaps, like him, win the internet. Beautiful, it’s true.

Two Besides: A Pair of Talking Heads

Some thirty years ago, Alan Bennett – leading dramatist and master of observation – published his first book in the Talking Heads series, developed from his TV series of the same name. These works soon became modern classics – poignant, darkly funny, and wonderfully uplifting. Here, in a gorgeous pocket-sized edition, he has written two new monologues, entering the lives of two ordinary women ‘whom life takes by surprise’. A wonderful gift for anyone familiar with Bennett and his work.

On Connection

The award-winning, bestselling author, poet, playwright and musician Kae Tempest has released their first work of non-fiction. A meditation on the power of creative connection, this book-length essay delivers its insights ‘gorgeously, rhythmically, but also with clarity and a fierce grace,’ writes Holly Williams for The Guardian: ‘I drank On Connection down like a fresh glass of water.’

Betoota’s Australia 2020

In their brazenly cheeky element, the boys at Betoot have given us a ‘collection of 2020 stories to tie a bow on this nightmare’. The parody magazine from Queensland, like a local Onion for Aussies, has often supplied the laugh we needed this year – with headlines like ‘Local Woman Fakes Own Death to Get Out of Fitness Contract’, ‘Intellectual Quickly Discards Kindle After Realising No One Can See What He’s Reading’ and ‘Hot Mess Gladys Finally Puts 2020 Behind Her, Buys Campervan and Braids Her Way to Byron Bay’. This hardcover is a great way to look back on the year that was and, against the odds, grin.

Terry Denton’s Really Truly Amazing Guide

Anything Terry Denton puts out is sure to be adored. With his Really Truly Amazing Guide, he gives a a funny, fascinating whistle-stop tour of the history and science of the universe. With every page designed, written and illustrated with his signature and singularly wonderful doodling style, its a magical romp through science for anyone ages 8 to 80.

There’s A Zoo In My Poo

A charmingly disgusting and educational book about the microbiome for gross boys and girls. Written by is a world expert in the field of Nutritional Psychiatry, with illustrations by teacher and musician Rob Craw, it caught the attention of ABC’s Life Matters recently, who observed that the book could inspire healthier food choices among its young readers. Poo is also, observed the ABC, ‘the one conversation topic that most young children seemingly never tire of.’

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