For Love Your Bookshop Day 2022, four local authors of Sydney’s inner west share the books they’ve loved most this year. Let us know which title you’ve enjoyed by tagging us on Instagram, or tell us in-person at our store on Darling Street!

Jess Kitching recommends…
A time-twisting thriller

Gillian McAllister’s Wrong Place Wrong Time has a hook that grabs you and doesn’t let go until the last page: ‘how do you stop a murder that’s already happened?’

Jen witnesses her son kill a man, but when she wakes the next morning it’s the day before the attack. Time works backwards and each day it’s Jen’s job to unpick the events that led up to the incident and stop it from happening.

A time-travel thriller might sound jarring, but McAllister pulls it off. Think gasp-out-loud twists and an ending that deserves a standing ovation – it’s a showstopper novel. 

Jess Kitching is the bestselling author of The Girl She Was Before, which was nominated for a Sisters in Crime Davitt Award. Her new book, How to Destroy Your Husband, will be published later this month. Hear her in conversation on the book on October 27 at the Royal Oak Balmain. Book tickets here.

Ned Manning recommends…
Hilary Mantel

It is to my eternal shame that it isn’t until now that I have begun reading Hilary Mantel’s extraordinary book. I’ve read her shorter pieces and always marvelled at her incredible writing skills. Embarking on Wolf Hall is both a challenge and a privilege. Everyone should read her work and wonder at the breadth of her imagination and her ability to reach a contemporary readership with what might seem to be an obscure historical tale. 

Ned Manning is a local playwright, educator, author and actor. His latest book is Painting the Light, recommended by Roaring Stories’ bookseller Tim. Read our Q&A with Ned here.

Caroline Beecham recommends…
Two books from the Welcome to Our Country series

I recently bought the Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing books, Ceremony and Somebody’s Land, for a friend’s daughter. I wish there had been books like this when my sons were younger because they are a great conversation starter to help parents talk to their children about acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of this land. David Hardy’s wonderful illustrations really help celebrate First Nations people’s stories, traditions, languages and rich cultures. 

I’ve been buying books from our local Balmain independent bookshop for twenty years and am so grateful to Daniel and the Roaring Stories team. I can honestly say Happy Love Your Bookshop Day because we do!

Caroline Beecham is a novelist, writer, and producer. She is the author of four books: the bestselling novel, Maggie’s Kitchen (2016), Eleanor’s Secret (2018), Finding Eadie (2020) and Esther’s Children (May 2022). Watch Caroline in conversation with Sue Williams on her latest book, recorded at a Roaring Stories author event.

Kate & Jol Temple recommend…
Two books about for crime: one for adults, one for ages 10+

Kate: I loved Tristan Bancks’ Cop and Robber. I read it before the kids did and I couldn’t put it down. I loved how textured and visual his stories are. It’s like watching a movie in my head. 

Jol: Lararimah by Caroline Graham and Kylie Stevenson. This is true crime meets Crocodile Dundee. A great Aussie whodunit that splinters into a 1001 tangents, each as intriguing as the last.

Kate and Jol Temple have written over 20 books for kids, from their bestselling Bin Chicken series to their International Jr Fiction dog detective series The Underdogs, to Kate’s just-released book for middle-graders, The Dangerous Business of Being Trilby Moffat. Signed copies in store!