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how much of these hills is gold

Very keen to confirm reports of my rrrraving about C Pam Zhang’s How Much of These Hills is Gold – an absolute favourite from May’s literary fiction releases.
It’s a novel exactly like the tigers that prowl the story’s edges – ferocious, gleam-eyed, fearsome-beautiful. Roaming desolate prairie hills with a stolen horse, Lucy and Sam carry their father’s body on their backs, searching for a place to bury him right; finding out the kinds of ghosts that both a landscape and person might carry with them.
Zhang’s writing has the graceful weight of poetry and the litheness of a wild creature. Her re-rendering of the mythologised Wild West is atmospheric and revolutionary; she re-inscribes the cowboy-archetype’s stranglehold on history with nuance in terms of race, gender and identity. Lucy and Sam’s relationship to these things, and to each other is a complex interlacing (one could say, perhaps, a tiger-striping?!) of love, grief and woundedness that I found completely compelling.
Wonderful book! Big teeth. Could easily tear chunks right out of you.

By Sylvia Bozym, Roaring bookseller

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