From joke books to jigsaws, anthologies and guides: pop a little something extra under the tree for your loved ones this Christmas. 

The Book Lover’s Quiz Book

It would seem a truism that anything by somebody called ‘Wigglesworth’ is bound to be amazing. This aside, Wigglesworth’s wonderful little book is the product of his many years hosting popular live quizzes in London pubs, and contains multiple-choice questions, clever red herrings, little-known author facts and picture rounds. Guaranteed book-nerd fun with family and friends.

Breaking Bread with the Dead

A book about how to make peace with our “problematic faves” of the past: from the racist Kant to the misogynist Aristotle. Should cancel culture extend back centuries? Can we engage with these thinkers without being influenced by their more abominable ideas? Respectively, author and Humanities Professor Alan Jacobs argues: not necessarily, and necessarily yes.

The World of Frida Kahlo

Who amongst us has not discovered the therapeutic powers of the puzzle this year? If not, you are missing out. Among our well-stocked jigsaw range is this gem, The World of Frida Kahlo. In the style of everyone’s favourite monobrowed painter and feminist icon, it tells the story of Kahlo’s life, art and career.

Un-cook Yourself

He’s a bloody good sort, isn’t he, our Nat? Aside from being able to bang together a plate of fine grub, Nat is an honest advocate for looking after yourself, taking care of others and reaching out when times get rough. Un-cook Yourself is a guide to how not to be a dickhead, written in his unmistakeable no-bullshit voice, ideal for a teen or adult. Nat visited us not too long ago, meaning signed copies are in store.

The Gifts of Reading

A bit of a meta gift, this one. An anthology of eminently well-written essays by beloved authors, The Gifts of Reading is a book that proves its own argument on each page. With contributions by Robert Macfarlane, Alice Pung, William Boyd, Chigozie Obioma, Philip Pullman, Candice Carty-Williams, Markus Zuzak and many (many) more, create vicarious joy in others’ experience of giving and reading books.

Kay’s Anatomy

Billed as ‘the grossest book you’ll give this Christmas’, Kay’s Anatomy is a delightfully disgusting journey into and around the weird working blob that is the human body. Is it safe to eat boogers? How much time does the average person spend on the loo? Give this book to a young reader, and you’ll hear all their friends screaming EW! from the other room as they relay their new, squelchy facts.

What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

A: an embarrassed penguin. This joke book for young ‘uns will make daggy dads giddy with pride as their kids become the playground stars of knock knock jokes, ‘Waiter, waiter’ gags, and a few sly riddles too. Written by popular broadcaster, actor and host Gyles Brandreth, it’s sure to shape the tickle bones for junior girls and boys.

Star Wars – The Mandalorian: The Child Colouring Book and Puzzle Set

We could not, in good conscience, withhold the fact that we have this Baby Yoda fun box in our store. Stocks are extremely limited. Suitable for any child (or adult) over six, this set contains a galaxy of activities: colour in, solve mazes, complete activities and then piece together your very own puzzle masterpiece.

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