Anne Cernuta is a familiar face at Roaring Stories bookshop, and has an indubitable and demonstrable love for books. A self-identified speed reader, she consumes books voraciously and simultaneously. Her passion extends into her working life too: over the years, she has also been loaning volumes and tending shelves at over a dozen libraries. We asked Anne about her readings preferences, habits and loves.

What are you reading right now?

Right now I am reading Teju Cole’s book of essays, Known and Strange Things, as my ‘commute to work’ book, lent to me by my son Sam. I always carry a book in my bag.

My relaxation crime novel is Peter James’ Find Them Dead as I’m a fan of his Roy Grace Series.

I’m also in a Book Club so my reading range is extended by suggestions from my Book Club friends.

You’ve worked as a librarian for a number of years. What were some interesting things you learnt about books or borrowers during that time?

I’m currently working as a librarian at a boys’ high school. It’s my thirteenth library and I have worked in public, TAFE, special and school libraries in both the city and the country.

It’s always a pleasure to chat to borrowers about books and borrowers’ likes and dislikes. Borrowers in public libraries tell you intimate details of their personal lives without your solicitation of these details. People also don’t always ask you for something directly so you have to question them gently to ascertain what they really want! One unusual story is that a former teacher colleague always read the last page before she started a novel. I was astonished!

Do you have a favourite reading room, chair or place? What is it?

My favourite place to read is on our living room sofa or on the sofa in the sitting room upstairs. I never read in bed unless I’m sick.

If you could pick three books to take with you on a desert island, what would they be, and why?

This question is a tricky one but I’ll say in no particular order: The Bible; Possession by A.S. Byatt and The Collected Short Stories: Hercule Poirot.

My reasons are that I have never read The Bible in its entirety; I love the double narrative in Possession plus the love and heartbreak of the original story and I am a huge fan of the Belgian detective with his enormous moustache and his little grey cells!

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